Mad McIntosh Cider takes the apple in its perfect form of sweet and tart and introduces it to nature's original alchemist, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or wine yeast, where the apple is "Blissfully Demented by Nature" to form a delightful effervescent tincture of sorts... an elixir to enjoy.

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Blissfully demented by nature and handcrafted through the madness of science.

Classic Bob

The classic apple expressed in its purest form through fermentation. It is crisp, complex and dry.

Sweet Sue

This luscious flavor lingers on the palate allowing one to experience the essence of the apple, even after the sip is gone.

Joe's Rose

Joe's Rose

The voluptuous breath of cherries adds a blush of rose to this cider creating a sinful blend just waiting to be picked.

Ginger Geri

Ginger Geri

Exotic & spicy with a bite… everything you want your ginger to be. Not for your average Joe, but for the adventurer in you.

Patsy's Volcano

Patsy's Volcanos

On the precipice of eruption. This fiery cinnamon cider finds the perfect balance between hot & sweet… Feeling explosive? Garnish with heat!

Spiced Mike

Cinnamon, clove, cardamon and allspice. All those warm apple pie spices rolled into one taste. You don't even have to live with Grandma to enjoy it.

Green Eye Giddy

Green Eyed Giddy

The essence of green tea mingling through the bubbles is enough to make you giddy with anticipation & the envy of those around you.

Queen Li

Black currant crowns this queenly twist on a French classic. A cocktail worthy of the royalty in all of us… All hail Queen Li!

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